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Everything you need to replace lost hardware components of the Sky Track, including pulley, ratchets, carabiners, bumpers, and auxilliary rope clamps. All of our hardware is designed to preserve and function well on the 7.5mm Nightline. The pulley allows your dog to move smoothly along the line. The ratchets tighten the rope from both sides. The carabiner connects the pulley to the dog leash. The Bumpers act as an adjustable block to restrict pulley movement. This is helpful to prevent your pet from wrapping itself around the anchor points, such as a tree or post. The Auxilliary Rope Clamps secure the line around extra wide trees and, in a pinch, can replace the ratchet and strap.

You don't have to recreate your own dog run, however, because the Sky Track Aerial Dog Run already comes with all of these components.


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  1. Pulley

    For smooth mobility along the track, the Pulley is versatile, lightweight, compact and strong.
  2. Carabiner, w/ screw lock

    Stainless steel, oval carabiner with locking screw gate connects the pulley to the leash.
  3. Ratchet, Rope Tighener

    Knot-free and easily adjustable, the ratchet creates, maintains, or releases high tension in the Sky Track line.
  4. Auxiliary Rope Clamp

    The Auxiliary Rope Clamp acts as a rope block, a ratchet, and clamp for extra wide trees.
  5. Neck-Safe Bungee Segment, 3.5ft

    A duel-strength bungee segment that is essential for protecting your pet's neck and body from sudden jerks and stops while on a dog run, tie out, or aerial system.
  6. Bungee Line Tensioner, 15mm

    Fail-safe 12mm bungee for aerial dog run systems that eliminates drag and drooping due to stretch, weather, dog activity, and temperature by keeping the line taut at all times. Essential for lines over 100ft to maintain safety.
  7. System Track Hardware, 1 Extra Dog

    A hardware kit that contains everything you need to accommodate another pet on the Sky Track
  8. Cable Clamps, Saddle - 1 Pair

    1/4th inch saddle clamps for 1/4th inch cable.
  9. Cable Bumper - 1 Pair

    The cable bumpers or "stops" restrict pulley movement
  10. Spring Tensioner

    Fail-safe, heavy-duty, and extra-large, the Spring Tensioner is specifically designed to keep aerial cable lines taut at all times by eliminating drag, slack, and drooping due to weather, dog activity, and temperature.
  11. Ratchet Tie-Down, 10ft

    Featuring a heavy-duty 10ft, 1.5" wide strap with 3000 lbs strength, the Ratchet Tie-Down is perfectly designed to tighten long, heavy aerial cable lines.
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11 Item(s)