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Bumper / Rope Stop

bumper and pulley stop

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ADVISORY: If this product is not tightened correctly, the inner chamber may erode due to rope friction. For lines less than 8mm or with very active dogs over 80lbs, use the Auxilliary Rope Clamp as a bumper. 

DESCRIPTION: The rope Bumper twists to tighten and loosen, restricting pulley movement and acting as a bumper so that the pulley doesn't make contact with the ratchets on each end. Untwist to freely move the clamp up and down the line. Great for maintaining distance from a tree or post to prevent the dog from wrapping itself around it. TIP: make sure to align the padlock and arrow icons to fully secure it. Not doing this may result in the inner chamber eroding due to rope friction.

Each dog requires one set. Therefore, two dogs would need 4 total. Use with the Nightline or any rope between 8mm - 9mm.

Additional Information

Although the Slipknot can be disassembled and placed directly onto the rope, it's much easier to thread the line right through it. Remember to add two, one for each end. Twist the Slipknot with two hands in opposite direction to either tighten or loosen. Once loose, you can move the Slipknot up and down the line. Keep about 4 feet from the anchor points (tree, post, or pole) to help prevent your dog from wrapping itself around it.