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  • TurnbuckleA-sized1000x714-OPT


line tightener for permanent cable systems

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Heavy-duty and extra-large, the Turnbuckle is specifically designed to tighten aerial cable lines once most of the slack is taken out of the cable line by twisting the center block. This brings in the ends towards the centerAdding a turnbuckle, especially in combination with a Spring Tensioner, creates a safety function for low hanging lines for unsuspecting passersby on foot, scooter, or bicycle.

The Turnbuckle should be used together with the Spring Tensioner to allow the system some flexibility to move in the natural word, which reduces the stress on the other component parts such as the Anchor Straps and alternate eye screw hardware. Weather can exacerbate this natural stress by swaying thinner trees, which you may have selected as anchor points, in even moderate wind. 

The Turnbuckle is included on all RoverRoamer cable systems. For cable lengths over 200ft, it can be useful to have two of these connected in series to help take all of the slack out of the line, which can become quite heavy especially without assistance.

Specs: Total Length 9.125" (233mm), Inside Block Width 6", Bolt Diameter 3/8th inch, screw bolt ends, Finish: galvanized.

Additional Information

Once you have set up the first anchor point, attach the Spring Tensioner to the strap D-ring via the carabiner, then attach the Turnbuckle to the other end of the Spring Tensioner.