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Secure Roaming with the Sky Track aerial dog run by Rover Roamer

Great for camping, hiking, parks, fence-less yards, and outdoor events, the portable Sky Track utilizes a zip line, trolley system to provide multiple dogs maximum range, mobility, and safety.

Customize the length of the track for multiple dogs up to 500ft using our specifically designed, phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark), reflective, 7.5mm heavy-duty lifeline. This overhead dog run system is totally portable, quick to set-up, safe and rugged with high quality, customizable arrays. Set up anywhere you want your dog to enjoy more room to roam. Trade out the tether, the stake, the cable tie out, the chain, and the pen for an aerial track system that is both humane and safe (aerial systems vs. tethering). Durable and rugged, our portable track system is meant for all seasons and outdoor use, whether the mountains or your own backyard. No more getting wrapped up around trees or picnic tables.

Does your dog often end up like this:

This is what happens without a Sky Track

...when they could be relaxing like this:

better on a track instead of tied to a tree

The aerial Sky Track excels in many urban situations, such as a training tool for behavior management or helping to secure your pet in fence-less backyards. Designed for:

  • Dogs that jump fences
  • Nervous pets acclimating to new environments, homes, or other dogs
  • Energetic puppies you want restricted from provocative flower beds and chewable outdoor furniture.

Equally designed for outdoor public roaming, the Sky Track becomes a dog run trolley system when camping and attending outdoor events. Just a 6’ leash or retractable combined with a 50 foot aerial line (up to 500 feet customizable) dramatically increases your pet's free roaming range. Now you can take Lassie with you on all of those adventures when your forced to tie her up at camp grounds and parks! Our tips on camping with dogs will direct you to the right trail.

The length of tie out determines the tangle-free, secure roaming area versus the standard 6 ft leash:

Sky Track with 200 ft of rope...............2000 sq.ft.
Sky Track with 100 ft of rope...............1000 sq.ft.
Sky Track with 50 ft of rope...................500 sq.ft.
Sky Track with 25 ft of rope...................250 sq.ft.
6ft leash on a stake.................................37 sq.ft.

Watch the Video below to see the aerial Sky Track dog run in action:

The portable aerial dog run system fits in a specialized waist/shoulder pack and is quick to set up in less than 10 minutes. Use your own leash and harness or shop our site for recommended accessoriesEnjoy cart discounts up to 5%, plus 5% loyalty points, and 50 points applicable to your first order just for registering as a new customer. All of our products are backed by our 100% guarantee. Have concerns? Visit our problem-solving page for behavior tips, product care, and workarounds.

Secure, portable roaming: Customize your Sky Track now:

Customize your own Sky Track

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