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Cable Dog Run, Permanent

All weather, up to 3 dogs

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Instruction Cards: click on "Directions" Tab below. Instruction Cards also included with order.

Tested for durability and safety, the Rover Roamer Cable Dog Run maximizes your pets roaming area in many outdoor situations and environments, such as fenceless yards and ranches. Also suitable for behavior management for chewing, digging, and runaway dogs. This is the permanent cable edition of the Sky Track featuring 1/4th" (7 mm) aircraft cable, galvanized steel in a flexible 7x19 configuration with a clear vinyl coat, and easily modified for up to 3 dogs (each additional dog, add System Track Hardware). If you require a portable system featuring rope, ratches, and adjustable bumpers, ideal for camping, outdoor events, travel and more, go to the Sky Track page.

Totally customizable, the default Cable Run kit contains 50 feet of 7mm flexible cable (choose length below), 1 pulley, 2 carabiners2x 6ft Side Buckle Anchor Straps with multiple hardware attachment options, 1 turnbuckle line-tensioner per 50 ft (up to 2 max) or 1 ratchet tie-down, 1 extension spring per 50ft (up to 2 max), , 6 cable clasps, 2 rubber stoppers, 1 Neck-Safe Bungee Segment, and full color Photo Instruction Cards. The line length determines the track length, customizable to 400 feet. The pulley allows for smooth movement; the carabiner connects the pulley to the dog leash; each strap wraps around an anchor point (other options below include eye screws and bolts). The cable line tensioner (turnbuckle or ratchet tie-down) tightens the line; the Spring adds flexibility to the line and keeps it taut at all times; and bumpers create a safe distance from the anchor points to prevent the dog from wrapping itself around the tree or post.

TIP: Get someone to help you take as much slack out of the line before securing the saddle clamps. Further tighten the line by twisting the turnbuckle line-tensioners or using the ratchet tie-down. However, if you're confident you can do it on your own, we recommend getting the Ratchet Tie-down instead of the Turnbuckle (which is better for severe weather). Connect it between the Anchor strap carabiner and the Spring, which is then connected to the cable loop. See the Problem Solving section on the cable system here.


Cable Length and Anchor Points: Measure out the distance between your two anchor points and add 2 extra feet on each side. If you want a more precise cut, email us or call with the exact measurement. Various anchors exist, which requires its own specialized hardware. The 6ft straps can accommodate trees under 2 ft in diameter (6ft in circumference) so you don't have to screw straight into the tree. Add an extra strap and connect them together to make a 12 ft strap for extra wide trees. Other anchor point hardware options includes eye screws and bolts for posts, walls, fencing, and other wooden structures. Choose "requires customization" if you need special hardware for anchors such as metal posts, brick walls, etc. If you're not sure, call us or consult your local hardware store for advice.

How many dogs on 1 line? Dogs separated on one line requires an additional set of hardware (pulley, carabiner, 2 clamps, 2 bumpers). 

Lateral Roaming: This affects how much lateral movement the dog enjoys on each side of the line. Because the line is usually placed overhead, a shorter leash may not be long enough to reach the ground. The heavy duty 6-ft Retractable Leashes is recommended for medium or less active breeds; the Bungee Leash allows 4 ft of comfortable stretch; and the Chew-Resist Leash is perfect for escape artists. Of course, you can always just use your own leash in combination with the included Neck-Safe Bungee Segment

Visit our Accessories Page to complete the system with leashes, harnesses, and pet supplies. Visit our problem-solving page for any concerns or dog behavioral issues you're having.

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