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Leash, Chew-Proof

lateral movement component

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Made from 4mm metal cable and vinyl sheathed, the Chew-Proof Leash is the perfect solution to dogs that like to chew through leashes.

The Chew-Prool Leash was originally designed to combine with the Neck-Safe Bungee for use with the Sky Track or Cable Dog Run. But, because the leash handle unclips, it is also quite functional as a normal walking leash especially when the pet may chew his leash when temporarily clipped around a poll or post.

The leash measures just 4ft but stretches to 8ft due to the short coiled section.

Additional Information

How to add the leash to the Sky Track or Cable Dog Run: Thread the Neck-Safe Bungee, which hangs from the pulley/carabiner, through the leash handle and clip back to itself. The Neck-Safe Bungee will hang 3.5 ft and the Chew-Proof Leash will hang an additional 4 ft, yeilding a total length of 7.5. If you hange the rope or cable at about 8 ft, then the leash shouldn't drag. This will give the dog about 8ft of lateral movement on each side.