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Sky Track Dog Run, Portable

1-dog rope line, customizable up to 3 dogs below

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Tested for durability and safety, the Rover Roamer Sky Track maximizes your pets roaming area in many outdoor situations and environments. Great for camping but also very useful for behavior management for chewing, digging, and runaway dogs. The system is easily modified for up to three dogs. See diagram images. Use a third anchor to create a V-configuration or 4 points to create three separate lines.

The Sky Track performs well in all weather but its strength lies in its portability function, making it perfect for camping, outdoor events, travel, front yards, etc. But if you're looking for a permanent system, we also offer a totally customizable Cable Edition Dog Run for fenceless yards and ranches. But if you're planning on using this portable system as a mostly permanent set-up, indicate below and we'll add enough saddle clamps for you to make 2 permanent rope loops and to better secure the bumpers.

The standard Sky Track Kit contains 50 feet of 8.5mm Nightline1 pulley, 1 carabiner, 2 x 6ft Side Buckle Anchor Straps, 2 ratches, 2 bumpers, 1 Neck-Safe Bungee Segment, 1 rope clamp, 1 bungee Line Tensioner (2x for lines over 100'), and a large gear bag that can be carried around the waist or shoulder.

The rope length determines the track length, customizable to 400 feet (inquire about longer lengths). The pulley allows for smooth movement; the carabiner connects the pulley to the dog leash; each strap wraps around an anchor point. The ratchets tighten the line from both sides; the two bumpers create a safe distance from the anchor points to prevent leash and dog from wrapping around the tree or post; the rope clamp functions both to wrap the line around large trees or as a back-up bumper, and the Line Tensioner keeps the line taut at all times.


Rope Length and Strap Length: Add rope length if you have multiple dogs and the space to accomodate them. The 6ft straps can accommodate trees under 2 ft in diameter. Add an extra strap and connect them together to make a 12 ft strap, and so on. Girthier tree trunks like old pines and redwoods may require you to wrap the rope around the tree and secure it with the Rope Clamp, which offers extra dual functions both to replace a lost line bumper/clamp or ratchet. Great insurance for a small price.

TIP: When you have two large trees, use the extra Rope Clamp to secure the line around one tree, then combine the two 6' straps together to make one 12' strap to accomodate the other tree.

How many dogs on 1 line? Dogs separated on one line require an additional set of hardware (pulley, carabiner, 2 rope clamp/bumpers, and the Neck Safe bungee segement).

Lateral Roaming: This affects how much lateral movement the dog enjoys on each side of the line. Because the line is usually placed overhead, a shorter leash may not be long enough to reach the ground. Our heavy duty 6-foot retractable leashes are the perfect length for any aerial dog run, recommended for medium or less active breeds. For larger, more active breeds, the Bungee Leash & Convertible Coupler is recommended, which acts as a coupler for two dogs. Of course, you can always just use your own leash in combination with the included Neck-Safe Bungee Segment

Visit our Accessories Page to complete the system with leashes, harnesses, and pet supplies. Visit our problem-solving page for any component and slack issues, concerns, or dog behavioral issues you're having. Scroll down below for full photo instructions. Convenient instruction and problem-solving cards included inside the gear bag.


Additional Information

Rover Roamer Sky Track Aerial Dog Run Portable Instruction Guide

  • Thoroughly read and follow the instructions to ensure the highest level of safety for your pet. Deviating from the instructions may cause the system not to work properly, leading to your pet not being secured, getting wrapped up around the anchor points, or injury. It is recommended that you observe how your pet behaves on the track for some time before leaving your pet unattended. Then adjust the rope height, the leash length, the line tension, and the bumpers accordingly.
  • Add enough slack in the leash so that there is no pressure around the collar when lying down. Harnesses are recommended.
  • Set the rope height above most people’s heads to prevent injury from being “clothes-lined”.

Disclaimer of Liability: Warranty is void immediately with improper use! Neither the manufacturer nor the vendor can be held liable for direct or indirect physical, property, consequential, or collateral damage resulting from the operation of this device. By using the Rover Roamer Sky Track, you agree with these terms.

STEP 1  Configuring Anchor Point A

Find two trees, posts, or polls high enough so that the rope can run over the heads of most people.The standard strap is 7 feet long which will work on most trees but larger trunks may require you to combine two straps together to make one longer strap. Adjust the strap so its snug enough not to fall or sag too much. 

IF THE TREE IS TOO WIDE FOR THE STRAPS: Option A: Use the Auxilliary Rope Clamp to secure the rope around the anchor point. First, thread the end of the rope through the longer channel of the clamp. Once you wrap the rope around the anchor point, secure it by threading it into the shorter channel and clamping the lever down in the shut position. Don't tighten the line using the clamp. Tree bark is very abrasive and will cause premature wear on the rope. Go to the other end and use the Ratchet to tighten the line. Option B: If you selected to get an extra strap, combine two Anchor Straps together to make one long strap. Option C: When both anchor points are extra wide trees, use two straps for anchor point A and the Rope Clamp for anchor point B.

  1. Select your two anchor points, such as a tree or post, just overhead to avoid injury. Thicker trees require extra straps.
  2. Buckle the Strap around a tree, positioning D-ring in front.

(Rope lengths less than 60ft may not require a Line Tensioner. However, if using a line over 150ft, we recommend using two of them in parallel, side by side, to double the bungee strength)

• Select your two anchor points, such as a tree or post, just   overhead to avoid injury. Thicker trees require extra straps. • Buckle the Strap around a tree, positioning D-ring in front.

STEP 2  Line Tension & Anchor Point B

The Line Tensioners help keep the line taut at all times. Short lines of less than 60ft don't require a Line Tensioner but they still contribute some value by allowing some extra sttetch in the line.

  1. Clip the Line Tensioner onto the D-ring using the included carabiner. Use two, side by side, for length over 150 feet.
  2. Attach a Ratchet to the other end of the Line Tensioner.

How to set the tension by attaching the Line Tensioners

STEP 3  Anchor Point B

Now that you have configured Anchor Point A, walk over to the next anchor point within rope distance. You won't attach the rope to any anchor point yet until Anchor Point B is set up. This helps to keep the rope from touching the ground too much. Thread two bumpers for each dog onto one end of the rope.

  1. Walk over to the next anchor point (tree, post, etc.) within rope length, buckle the Strap and position D-ring in front.
  2. Thread all Bumpers into one end of the Rope, insert rope into the smooth end of the ratchet eyelet and pull the rope back into the teeth of the ratchet to secure it.
  3. Tie off and secure the rope end with a couple loops.

How to add the bumpers and connect the line to Anchor Point B

STEP 4  Setting up the Line

  1. Place Pulley between two bumpers, attach Carabiner to pulley, then attach Neck-Safe Bungee to carabiner.
  2.  Walk over to Anchor B, slowly unraveling the rope, being reasonably careful not to let the rope touch the ground too much to prevent sticks, leaves, dirt, and burs from attaching.
  3. Thread line through other Ratchet and pull to tighten.
  4. Stretch out Line Tensioner just enough to tighten line.

ADJUSTING THE BUMPERS: The bumpers will restrict movement from the anchor points, other trees, post, poll, outdoor furniture, etc. Each environment is different so use your best judgement.

Add the other component such as the pulley, carabiner, and bungee

STEP 5  Connecting your Pet

  1. Your line should look like this, pictured below, for one dog. Each additional dog will have 1 pulley, 1 carabiner, 1 Neck-Safe Bungee, and 2 bumpers.
  2. Adjust the bumpers away from the anchor points, trees, etc.
  3. Attach the leash to the Neck-Safe Bungee and adjust the length so eliminate any pressure on the neck. Harnesses are recommended.

ATTACHING THE LEASH TO THE NECK-SAFE BUNGEE: The clip feature of the Bungee allows you to attach small and large leases, even retractable leashes, by clipping and looping around the leash handles and back onto the various bungee D-rings. Once you clip your leash into the Bungee Segment, make sure to use a leash long enough so that the dog can lie down and rest without putting any pressure on the pet, especially if using a collar instead of a harness.

ACCESSORIES: We offer 6 foot retractable leashes and a duel-strength bungee leash to assist in providing stretch, safety, and responsible freedom for your pet. It also converts to a V-leash Coupler to allow two dogs on one leash to interract with each other without getting tangled up.

This image demonstrates the complete set up for the Sky Track